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Halee’s Puppy Love 

6487 E Hampden Ave
Denver, CO 80222  

Phone: 720-227-3787

12201 E Arapahoe Rd. Unit B-5
Centennial, CO 80112   

Phone: 720-400-5928


We Offer: 

  • Flea, Tick, and Other Insect Control
  • Medicated Bath Treatments
  • Stylish Grooming Services

The Benefits of Socialization 

Similar to their human family members, dogs are social creatures that thrive on healthy interaction. With locations in Centennial and Denver, CO, Halee’s Puppy Love encourages your pups to play in a comfortable, supervised environment. We understand the importance of allowing your pups to meet a variety of new canine and human friends.

Dog getting stylish grooming

Our staff monitors canine interaction to ensure that your pup doesn’t feel overwhelmed and threatened. We want your pup to make positive connections with others. Lessen the hesitation of inviting guests over or walking near an unknown dog, and let us provide your pup with an opportunity to learn safe socialization.

For the older dogs that are uninterested in play, we also strive to provide a relaxed environment in which they can feel comfortable and at home. At Halee’s Puppy Love, we value the many different personalities of our canine friends.

Bring Your Dog By Our Facilities  

Allow us to help your canine friend look and feel good with expert grooming and positive interaction. Schedule an appointment with us today, and ask about our extended hours.