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Halee’s Puppy Love 

6487 E Hampden Ave
Denver, CO 80222  

Phone: 720-227-3787

12201 E Arapahoe Rd. Unit B-5
Centennial, CO 80112   

Phone: 720-400-5928


About Us 

An overgrown coat can hinder your dog’s ease of movement, weighing them down or covering their eyes...
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Welcome to Halee’s Puppy Love

Halee’s Puppy Love has been the premier, state-of-the-art dog grooming facility in Denver, CO since 1999, and we continue to improve our excellent customer service and grooming techniques. We believe that your dog is not just your best friend; they are a significant part of your family, and we treat your family with care and service like no other. 

Little dog with bow

Most of the time, you will find dogs freely roaming outside of a cage, socializing with others with their tails wagging. They are simply happy to be in our facility. Our professional, certified pet stylists are there when your pup needs to look and feel his or her best. We guarantee that your pup will be the envy of the entire neighborhood.

We Offer: 

  • Flea, Tick, and Other Insect Control
  • Medicated Bath Treatments
  • Stylish Grooming Services

Contact Us   

Don’t let your dog’s coat grow out of control. Call us today for an appointment and inquire about our extended hours.